The Money Station

So How Do I Get A Completely FREE Income Generating, Money Station Website
with List Building Capability + Autopilot Traffic?

Join Rotatelinks Pro as a free member. (Upgrade in you want.) There are loads of bonuses inside so by all means look around, but for the purposes of your free install you need to fill in the downline builder. Without this information I cannot build your free website. There are two sections to the downline builder - Our Core Programs and The Money Station extra programs. You do need to fill in both. Any Core Programs that you do not join will default to a random member of our Biz Opp Co-op, if you don't fill in The Money Station URLS, they will default to me :-)

Once you have done this you will need to get in touch using the Contact Form within the Rotatelinks Pro member area. Your website will be built on one of the wordpress blogs that you get as part of a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate (WA). You will need to include an affiliate URL and banner URL of your chosen opportunity if you want an additional opportunity advertised in addition to those listed. If you do not include this information this section of the page will include additional Wealthy Affiliate advertising. You will also need to include your WA login details. You can change your WA password after I've built it.

Your blog install will include the front page, posts listing the main bullet points for both SFI and WA. plus blank posts regarding all the other opportunities listed that you can fill in. To ensure that every blog built has different content you will need to add some interesting posts, preferably on a regular basis. These posts can be any length you like. There are no wrong or right posts here and should reflect your personal opinions.

Your blog will also have the plugins needed to build your autoresponder list, which will be setup to welcome your subscribers, with a link back to your site should any subscriber wish to contact you using the form provided. This will allow you to add regular follow ups if you wish plus send broadcast mails at any time.

The front page will include all of your affiliate links including the sites required to generate your autopilot traffic. You will need to go into all of these and advertise your blog once it is setup. Most of these build the amount of credits you have available for advertising on other peoples sites. This is very powerful autopilot advertising - everytime one person visits your Money Machine it is also being advertised in multiple places worldwide!

The Downline Builder link gives you an almost carte blanche option to build downlines in any programs you want to promote now and into the future. You can even add upto a 100 of your own sites for free if you want!

NEXT STEP: Go back to The Money Station page to join any of the free opportunities listed that you are not already a member of and follow the rest of the instructions.

If you arrived on this page by clicking a link within the RotateLinks Pro member area fill in the downline builder before following the instructions above to get your Money Station. If you didn't arrive here by clicking a link from The Money Station or you just want to know what it is all about, click HERE to go to a randomly selected member who has already had The Money Station setup done for them.

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